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Stock Your Kitchen With Essential Kitchenware
Stock Your Kitchen With Essential Kitchenware
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You don't need a vast array of kitchenware to make your kitchen a pleasure to work in. It's easy to make delicious and healthy meals with a few simple kitchen essentials.





Pots and 레이어드홈 pans 

You don't need every sized pan to fully stock your kitchen. In reality, 레이어드홈 you only need two types - a medium-sized saucepan and a frying pan.

Saucepans come in many different sizes but you many only need one - a three or four quarter pot.

The advantage of larger saucepans is that they give you the option of cooking a meal for friends and family.

Another important piece of cookware is the frying pan - used for many meals.





Frying pans also come in many different shapes and sizes.

If you are just buying one pan, choose a ten or twelve-inch one so you have the option of large or small quantities. If you choose a frying pan with a lid it will be easier for you in the kitchen.

When shopping for saucepans and frying pans, select ones that are non-stick.

Keep in mind, though, that non-stick coating can come off and that pans may need to be replaced.

Keep your non-stick frying pans in good condition using wooden or plastic utensils and by cleaning them with non-abrasive sponges.

Choose one that has a metal handle without any plastic, to prevent any chances of it melting.

Here are some extras you might consider:

Dutch oven: Like a saucepan, but it's larger and heavier.

Stockpot: Useful when cooking large quantities, such as pasta, soup, or chilli.

Cast iron cookware: Perfect for frying chicken and pan roast meats, since it cooks through evenly.

Wok: Ideal for a delicious stir-fry and fun to use.


Even if you are not a professional baker, you should always have some bakeware to hand.





If you are stocking up for the first time, you will need a baking sheet and baking pan.

Choose non-stick baking pans that feel solid and don't bend easily. Sturdy pans distribute heat more evenly than light pans and are unlikely to burn your food.

You won't just use your baking sheets for things like cookies.



Baking sheets are also useful for roasting vegetables and meats.

A baking pan is a dish with two or three inch high sides and is used to make casseroles and lasagna; it can even be used for brownies and cakes.

Cooking for one or two, start with an 8x8 inch pan or 레이어드홈 a 9x13.

Some other bakeware to consider:

Muffin pan: If you are a big muffin fan, then this is the pan for you.

Cake pans: Choose non-stick for 레이어드홈 all of your metal bakeware because it's much easier to clean and you don't have to worry about food sticking.

Roasting pan: A large, metal roasting pan is usually used for making big roasts like turkeys.

Kitchenware utensils

As a new cook, you'll only need two utensils to begin with - a wooden spoon and a spatula.

A wooden spoon is convenient anytime and it won't ruin the non-stick finish on your bakeware or kitchenware and it is inexpensive.

It's better to hand wash wooden spoons rather than put them in the dishwasher.

Spatulas are useful for your main flipping instrument.





You can choose between metal and plastic spatulas but bear in mind that metal may damage your non stick bakeware and plastic is safer to use.

For more information on or kitchenware in general, visit


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